John Whitmire the Republican candidate for mayor of Houston

I came to Houston in 1970 and have been involved with politics for almost all those years—the Huelga Schools during the so-called integration of races. The concept of the majority of whites was to integrate black and brown people. Why not? The Mexicans were white, according to the United States Supreme Court.

I was in MAYO and volunteered to teach at one of those Huelga Schools.
Not much later, during redistricting, the creation of the first Latino Congressional District was won by a friend of John Whitmire, who was instrumental in making it winnable for his buddy, Gene Green.

I believe John Whitmire has never lifted a finger to help the Latino community. Do not mistake him for helping himself by choosing Latino representatives that would be “in his pocket.” One can find them by their endorsement of him, John Whitmire. While he had his faults, Ben Reyes helped the Latino community. I was not a Ben Reyes proponent but supported his election for Congress. The election was stolen from him the first time around. We had a second election that crowned Gene Green the first Hispanic Congressman. I predicted we would not have a Latino in that position until Green retired. That is what happened.

Latino representatives want something; they usually have to get Whitmire’s okay.

Whitmire will not be suitable for the Latino community, and he will not be good for Houston.

A New York Times article on Whitmire.

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