City Council at-large 2

This will be an exciting race; I anticipate a run-off and believe it will be between two of the following three candidates.

Holly Flynn Vilaseca
Danielle Keys Bess
Nicholas ” Nick” Hellyar

One Latina Female, One Black Female, and a White Gay Male are, I believe, the ones that will be the top vote-getters.
Based on prior elections; It will be interesting as this race will showcase the voting power of the Gay Community/Progressive Community, the Black Community, and the Latino Community.

I expect Vilaseca to receive about 20-25 percent of the vote.

Bess and Hellyar will probably get around 20-25 percent of the vote.

On Vilaseca, that is assuming that Latinos recognize her last name as Spanish. Well actually it is Catalonian, which is not Spanish. Vilaseca was born in Colombia.

So why am I supporting Vilaseca?

Is she the best candidate for the position? I don’t think so, but she will do as good a job as the other candidates. But it is time that Latinos started getting candidates in political offices; the younger generation needs role models.

When I was in the seventh grade, our teacher asked what we wanted to be. I responded that I wanted to be President of the United States. She told me that a Mexican would never be president. That was about sixty years ago; thus far, the teacher has been right. We have not had a Latino president. I may go to my grave and not see a Latino/Latina president. FYI, I am not Mexican, I am an American by birth as were my parents.

The following is to let people know that I am not outing anyone. But, I expect some “progressives” to be upset with me.

From AXIOS Houston; Two open gay candidates running for office in 2023;

The latest: Mario Castillo, who’s running in District H, and Nick Hellyar, who’s running for an at-large position, are both openly gay men who have not served in public office before.

  • Castillo’s opponents currently include Cynthia Reyes-Revilla and Janette Garza Lindner, according to the Houston Chronicle.
  • Hellyar is up against a large field, including Danielle Bess, Marina Coryat, Holly Flynn Vilascea and Julian Ramirez.

Who will win? I believe the power brokers will determine that. Those would be primarily white males who truly control Houston.

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