Democracy Blog on John Whitmire and the Latino Elected Officials

Some elected Democrats who have endorsed Senator Whitmire and his Republican Election Day game plan are Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, State Senator Carol Alvarado, State Rep. Armando Walle & State Rep. Hubert Vo. 

Senator Whitmire makes a thing of saying he’s not ashamed of seeking support across the political aisle.

The issue though isn’t yesterday’s bipartisanship. Today’s Republican voters and Republican Party are engaged in election denial and endless attacks on democracy.

Senator Whitmire talks a lot about public safety. But there is no public safety without democracy. Definitions of Public safety in Houston must include protection of Houstonians from the extreme political right.    

Senator Whitmire’s anti-democratic led voter coalition is not what we need in the most diverse city in America. We don’t need to be in coalition with Mattress Mack and Dan Patrick. Here is the blog site

I believe it is much worse than that, I would not be surprised that Orlando Sanchez and Rogelio “Roy” Morales were to win. Both of them have shown in the past that they do well with the Latino community. This time around John Whitmire and Dan Patrick will be spending money to bring the Latinos out to vote in the run-off. Working in tandem with those two will be “Mattress I hate Lina Mack” and the four Latino puppets (those would be the ones that Mr. Aquino named in his blog) that represent Latinos in the North Side and East End. They may even be able to get Kendall Baker elected. A Republican blog had this to say about Kendall Baker;

From Big Jolly a Republican blog;

I’m not going to rehash the allegations of sexual harassment that caused his indefinite suspension from the City. Rather, his claim that he sued the City and won is what’s important to address. He has produced a finding from an unemployment claim that went his way to support his allegation he sued the City and won. However, he did sue the City of Houston regarding the incident in the Southern District of Texas District Court. Don’t take my word for it. Look up the information yourself the cause of action is Civil Action No. 4:16-CV-03100.

In his suit against the City he did not prevail with the Court finding he provided insufficient evidence to substantiate his claim. However, that’s not what’s concerning about his suit against the City. The Court noted, “Baker makes one statement that “females and white workers have their claims of sexual harassment taken serious [sic]”.

There is much more in the article about Kendall Baker. Here is the article.

Medellin from Dos Centavos had the following to say, about John Whitmire;

Kuff has questions about mayoral candidate John Whitmire’s plan to bring 200 DPS troopers to Houston to patrol the streets. I’m more of a “Hell No!” on this notion. If I have a question, it’s for the black and brown politicians who have lined up to support Whitmire: Do you support bringing DPS to Houston?

One thing that I can count on Democrats to do is to provide the rope and place their neck in the loop. I was so disappointed when I went to my local Democratic club to find numerous persons wearing John Whitmire for shirts there. Why would those people be supporting the same person that Dan Patrick and “Mattress I hate Lina Mack” promote? Can’t they see that some kind of deal has been done? What did Whitmire agree to?

Earlier I had posted the following;

I believe John Whitmire has never lifted a finger to help the Latino community. Do not mistake him for helping himself by choosing Latino representatives that would be “in his pocket.” One can find them by their endorsement of him, John Whitmire. While he had his faults, Ben Reyes helped the Latino community. I was not a Ben Reyes proponent but supported his election for Congress. The election was stolen from him the first time around. We had a second election that crowned Gene Green the first Hispanic Congressman. I predicted we would not have a Latino in that position until Green retired. That is what happened.

Latino representatives want something; they usually have to get Whitmire’s okay.

Whitmire will not be suitable for the Latino community, and he will not be good for Houston.

What kind of person is John Whitmire? A New York Times article on Whitmire.

Democrats open your eyes before you go over the cliff!

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