We (Latinos) used to vote as high as 90% for Democrats

Kennedy won as much as 90% of the Latino vote in 1960, and Jimmy Carter took 82% in 1976. Source

Back in those good old days, the one Trump and the MAGA crowd wants to take us back to, and our lives were very similar to those of the Black community.

Segregated schools, 

Unable to find jobs that were reserved for the pink people 

Could only buy homes in certain places 

Juries of our peers, only in one’s dreams √

So what has changed that now only about 60% of Latinos vote for Democrats?

The barrio where I grew up in is described as follows;

“At one time, we cleaned out the housing projects in Corpus Christi because we would sell

[ethnic Mexicans and African Americans] a house cheaper than they could rent in the housing

projects.” 4 The Molina Addition was a release valve that dispersed and relocated a large number

of the city’s minorities, many of whom were veterans including a Tuskegee Airman and some

88th Infantry Division Blue Devils.5 By 1970, the Molina population reached approximately

8,000 people; a quarter of the population was African American with the rest ethnic Mexican.6

The neighborhood lacked basic utilities and infrastructure. With no running water or

drainage, death from illness in the 1940s and 1950s, especially among young children, was

common. Tuberculosis and polio were rampant. Roads were unpaved and ran parallel to open

drainage ditches. There were no sidewalks or lampposts and each home had an outdoor pit privy

in the backyard, which equaled nearly 800 in 1954″ Source

One of my father’s best friends was named “Willie”; he worked at the Naval Air Station, where they were both employed. They were both veterans of WWII. Willie was a color that was several shades darker than my father’s.

Today, young people don’t have those obstacles that stop many of us from reaching our potential. So they don’t fear going back to the 1950s as they have no idea what those days were like.

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