Latinos should not vote for John Whitmire or Kim Ogg

John Whitmire and Kim Ogg attacked our highest elected official last year while she was in the middle of a contested reelection. Republicans were throwing millions of dollars to defeat County Judge Hidalgo. If that wasn’t enough both Whitmire and Kim Ogg decided to pounce on the Latina. Democrats like to pick on Latinos and Latinas because they don’t fight back. That is why we have nothing to show for all the Latinos that live here in Houston.

The media were attacking a few years back three Latinas and one Latino. Did any elected Latino representative step up to help them? NO! That includes Lina Hidalgo. You can throw in LULAC as also standing idly by doing nothing. Amazingly, one of them is now one of the top persons in that organization. Do I expect LULAC to grow some? NO!

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