The more they have the more they want the poor to pay for them.

Rich people and maybe some not so rich constantly gripe about poor people wanting something for nothing. That they must learn to make it on their own. If that is truly their belief why do they leave so much money for their children. Don’t their children need to learn the same lesson?

In the Houston Chronicle, the following article appeared.

Houston Republicans blast plan to cut taxpayer subsidy for paid neighborhood patrols

Based on the article neighborhoods that pay for constable and sheriff’s patrol are getting free police officers to patrol their areas.

This is how it works, the communities that can afford the patrols pay seventy percent (70%) of the patrols and the taxpayers pay the other thirty percent (30%). Ain’t that such a great deal for those communities, take from the poor and give to the Rich. Of course the Republicans immediately begin their fear campaign that the commissioners are removing officers from the street (Defunding the Police). Lies and hate is all the Republicans have. Let me repeat that lies and hate is all the Republicans have.

If the neighborhoods want 100% patrols then they should pay 100%.

What is fair is that 30% of patrols could now be used in communities that cannot afford the outrageous fees that is required for a service that is suppose to be one of the basic things that government provides.

The “masses are asses” so said Alexander Hamilton or if one prefers one could quote another person, ” There is a sucker born every minute.” It goes on to state that if one doesn’t take advantage of them someone else will.

While there a great many of such people, I do believe that the Republican Party has become a tent that attracts those type. Them people still giving money to the billionaire to pay his legal bills. Not even the churches have managed to pull off such a grift in modern times.

Contact your commissioner and let them know that you support the use of those patrols for all the neighborhoods.

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