Recuerdos – Memories

I had been looking for things Ted Cruz, but as I was browsing YouTube, I ran into a song that brought back memories of all the people that I knew who died at a very young age.

I never thought I would make it past my twenties, and I am still going in my mid-seventies.

Many of the people that I knew, I only knew by their first name or nickname. These are people I grew up with that does not include my relatives, of which quite a few passed away while I was still young.

There was Domingo who died in a car accident while racing, he lived on Molina Street.

There was Guillermo, Willie, who died in Vietnam.

There was Joe Trejo, who died in Vietnam.

There was Joe Salazar who died in Vietnam.

Guillermo and Joe were two of my best friends. Jose Salazar lived a block from me and was in the band when I was.

Richard, who made it back from Vietnam only to be killed shortly after returning. He lived behind our house on Molina.

Joe Chavez, who made it back from Vietnam but drowned, also Mike Trejo, brother to Joe Trejo, died at the exact location on the same night. Joe lived on Angela and was a tough football player.

They were all in their early twenties or younger when they passed away.

Tony de la Rosa was one of the people I would hear at La Terraza, a cantina and dance hall on Leopard Street in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the 1960s. I am so glad that the grandson that we are raising is not like I used to be. I don’t think I would be able to sleep waiting for him to come home drunk at the age of sixteen, like I used to.

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