Who is old? The Media needs to stop trying to hurt Democrats!

I am getting sick and tired of the media, and I ain’t talking about Fox, writing about how Biden is too old.

We are not asking him to run a marathon or swim the English Channel; we want him to make good, solid decisions that will benefit this country and most working men and women, which Biden has done.

Would it be ideal to have someone younger than 80? Sure it would. But that’s not reality this time around. And that imaginary 45-year-old wouldn’t have the extensive institutional and foreign policy experience that Joe Biden has. The Democratic Party has quite a few truly worthy (and perhaps even charismatic) future candidates for the highest office waiting in the wings, gaining more experience in governing and serving all the citizens in their districts or states, not just the ones who voted for them. 

But those candidates will need a liberal democracy in place (i.e., basic rule of law, support for voting rights, willingness to compromise on policies and acceptance of the peaceful transfer of power) for us to find out what they can do to move us forward.

If you think 80 is really old — well, in some cases it is. People sometimes die much younger than that. In the two months since I retired, I’ve lost two close friends. But let’s list just a few older people who are still out there killing it: Paul McCartney is touring again and puts on vigorous three-hour concerts (without breaks). He turned 81 in June. Mick Jagger is still doing that chicken-strut thing he learned from Tina Turner, and celebrated his 80th birthday in July. At 97, Mel Brooks is sharper (and a lot funnier) than you or me. So is the amazing Norman Lear, at 101. Many notable scientists, philosophers, poets, artists and people in other demanding fields function at a high level, mentally and physically, deep into their lives.

Moreover, emotional well-being tends to increase in old age, as personal ambitions drop away and we allow ourselves the time to just be. (These findings do not apply to people who never grow up, by the way.) Biden stays active, eats a good diet, has social intelligence and awareness of others’ needs, has varied interests and solves complex problems daily — those, it seems, are the habits and characteristics of “super agers.” He is buoyed by a loving wife and family, because he’s earned that love. (The Beatles would approve.) Source

Who do you think has a better chance of still being alive and active in five years? Picture number 1 or number 2?

Republicans are good at lying and spreading misinformation.

One is constantly presented with videos edited to show Biden’s blunders; almost always behind that video are Republicans who have edited the video to show that is what happened. The sooner Democrats realize that most of what they regard Biden videos are lies spread by the Democracy hating fascists that are running the Republican Party.

Social media users, conservative influencers and outlets, and groups like the Republican National Committee have repeatedly targeted the 79-year-old president by spreading truncated, out-of-context clips that distorted the meaning of his words.

“These clips draw on a common trope about President Biden that’s popular among his detractors: He’s old, bumbling and senile, meaning he’s incompetent and incapable of doing this job,” said Rebekah Tromble, the director of the Institute for Data, Democracy, and Politics at George Washington University. …

“It’s the weaponization of context,” Wardle said. “It’s genuine content, but the context changes via minor edits. Anyone can be vulnerable with the right edit.”

Anyone can be vulnerable to falling for those edits, too. Experts cautioned that Americans surfing social media or watching cable news should be wary of clips that are cut really short, presented with no clear context, and aimed at triggering an emotional reaction. Source

Is he too old to still be performing? Same age as Biden.

Do you really want the senile old man, Donald Trump back?

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