Found out that some people think I am elitist? Kim Ogg is a MAGA impersonator.

Who could possibly think that of me? I hate collars and prefer old T-shirts, especially very old ones that have become very soft and comfortable. Some of my T-Shirts are over twenty (20) years old. I very seldom wear long pants, preferring comfortable Wrangler short cargo pants.

When I attended the University of Houston, my clothes shopping was at the Salvation Army and a Purple Heart store that used to be located on Navigation Blvd. My most common meals were noodles that you add hot water to.

I have a college education, but I worked full-time when I got my law degree, which I obtained by attending night school. Five years. I worked to pay for my education.

I come from one of the poorest neighborhoods in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our schools were segregated. My high school counselor advised that I not waste my time going to college as there would be no jobs in Corpus for college-educated “Mexicans.” I took his advise and obtained my first degree as an automobile mechanic.

So who is calling me an elitist? A white woman whose background would suggest that doors would open for her. Who is that white woman? Kim Ogg.

Born in 1959 in Houston, Ogg attended the University of Texas at Austin and South Texas College of Law Houston, graduating with her BA in journalism in 1981 and her JD in 1986 respectively.[26][27] She and her longtime partner met while studying at South Texas College of Law, and they have one son who attends The University of Texas School of Law.[1] She is the daughter of Texas legislator and Democrat Jack Ogg, and philanthropist Connie Harner Ogg.[26] That comes from Wiki. I already donated, please donate to them if you use them.

Ms. Ogg, my father, worked hard for his living. Both he and my mother are from one of the poorest counties in the country. Neither one of them had a high school degree. They sacrificed for all eight of their children to give us an opportunity to get a high school degree. I am the first one on my mother’s side to graduate from high school.

You, Ms. Ogg, play the MAGA rhetoric very well, attacking us who believe that you should be admonished. You are doing the same thing by using the same words as the MAGA cultists who were trying to turn the Commissioners’ Court Red again. Why is that, Kim? You work better with MAGA people. It’s probably right at home because those early elected Democrats became today’s Republicans.

How many minorities went to school with you, Ms. Ogg? Did you ever hear your parents use the N-word?

You should be admonished precisely because of how you are acting now and in the past. We don’t need Democrats working to defeat other Democrats in a general election.

I noticed that Carol Alvarado chimed in support of Ogg. Where were you, Carol, when Lina was being attacked? Where were you when Greyhound moved the bus station to your side of the woods? I still remember the first time you ran for state representative and what I told the other two in the interviewing committee. I still remember what W.R. Morris told me about how you got to where you are.

The only elitist is KIM OGG.

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