Immigration is not a big deal to most Latinos, nada chingón

Moreover, both parties’ recent outreach efforts have fallen short in explaining their positions and impacts on the lives of a population that skews younger than the average U.S. population. Both parties tend to emphasize immigration. Yet in the 2022 election, immigration was the ninth most important issue to Latino voters — the economy and education are more critical.

Organizations like the libertarian-leaning Koch-backed Libre also often overplay the anti-statist sentiments of Latinos. While many Latinos and immigrants are wary of government and taxation, they have also seen the problems of a government that does not do enough or doesn’t work at all. Even Latino evangelicals, who consider themselves more ideologically conservative (39%), still lean Democratic (41%). Source

Bill Clinton said it is the economy Stupid, defeating George Bush.

So Democrats don’t fall for the BS that the immigrant pushers give you. Push the economy and education with Latinos. Don’t forget to use fear the way that the MAGA Party does.

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