Did Tucker Carlson share white house documents with Putin?

Bill Kristol, who served as chief of staff to the vice president during the Raegan administration, slammed the broadcaster for his visit.

He also suggested the American government should consider banning him from re-entering the United States until details of his visit are investigated.

Former GOP Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger joined in the criticism branding Carlson a “traitor.”

The Kremlin has so far refused to comment on speculation about a Carlson potentially interviewing Putin.


Did Tucker Carlson go to Russia with the intent to give Putin classified material that would help Putin and Russia. Did he do it with the expectation that Putin would get involved in the election to help Donald Trump get elected. Putin did it before why wouldn’t he do it again?

Maybe he is preparing the way for Trump to flee this country rather than face the rest of his life behind bars. Trump would be a flight risk and could continue to threaten this country with his cult followers.

While it may be crazy to some of you, it is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

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