The truth about the “invasion”.

Of course, such fantasies have no basis in reality. As the Cato Institute reported last November:

The Biden Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has removed a higher percentage of arrested border crossers in its first two years than the Trump DHS did over its last two years. Moreover, migrants were more likely to be released after a border arrest under President Trump than under President Biden. In absolute terms, the Biden DHS is removing 3.5 times as many people per month as the Trump DHS did.

Altogether, about 1.1 million unauthorized border-crossers were released into the United States during the Trump presidency and not removed by the end of his term. Glowering and yelling do not in fact accomplish much. But to many Trump supporters, glowering and yelling are the whole of it. They don’t care how little gets accomplished, so long as that little is done in the most offensive manner possible.


The media is not the friend of Democrats. They, like all other businesses, are out there to make money. Their goal is to sell stories, whether true or not, as long as people read what they write. What they call news is opinion. Most of what I write are opinions. The only difference is my goal is not to make money.

Trump is good for their business. He says and does outrageous things that any sane person would not believe, but it sells. Think of the magazine on the aisles of the checkout counters.

My uncle on my mother’s side of the family. He is on the bottom row, fifth from the left. He drove a tank.

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