Shawn Thierry – dirty campaigning?

This morning when I looked at my phone I found the following text on my phone.

I have no idea who Brandi is, but I would be surprised that she isn’t associated with the Thierry campaign. Almost everything that she texts is a LIE.

Maybe Brandi doesn’t know, but here in Harris County, one can find out whether someone has been arrested and what happened. There is no record of Lauren Ashley Simmons being arrested in Harris County. Lauren Simmons was arrested, but the charges were dismissed.

#2 – As a Democrat, Thierry has not passed anything unless she supported what Abbott and the other Trump cultists passed.

#3 – Thierry did not vote on that as she was not a state representative when it was passed; here are the state representatives and how they voted. Between my wife and I we receive almost all mailers as we always vote and I can say that we have not received anything from Ms. Simmons that claim that Thierry voted for the law that allows the state to take over a school district. All I can say is we have too many fools as Democrats that have not figured out that Republicans don’t do nice things.

#4 – I guess Brandi means that Thierry agreed with Abbott on some issues; she did. She voted to approve the banning of books and on transgender children.

#5 I do believe that Ms. Brandi just expects me take her word for it, but whoever the person they are as delusional as Trump cultists.

I do have a recommendation for State Rep district 146.

To:Manuel Barrera

Fri, Feb 9 at 5:29 AM

Good evening, my name is Brandi and I’m a concerned citizen in District146. I hope you are as fed up as I am with the ugly attacks and constant lies told by candidate Lauren Ashley Simmons about our Representative.

I’ve done my own research and here are the facts:

Big Lie #1. Lauren Simmons says we should trust her, but LAUREN still LIES about her background and character. She has been arrested on multiple occasions for the crimes of theft and fraud. Scary.

Big Lie #2. Lauren LIES when she says Representative Thierry took away “healthcare” from our community. In fact, Rep Thierry passed the bill that expands access to Medicaid.

#Big Lie 3. Lauren LIES when she said Ms. Thierry voted for the HISD takeover just like she LIED to the police when she gave a false identity while being arrested.

#Big Lie 4. Lauren LIES when she says Ms. Thierry voted with Greg Abbott. Rep. Thierry stood with her Democratic colleagues to STOP Greg Abbott and the Republicans from taking away our voting rights. Rep. Thierry is also endorsed the Houston Black American Democrats!

Lauren Simmons and her political handlers are trying to STEAL this election just like she stole from a business owner and was arrested once again.

TRUTHS–Shawn Thierry is a graduate of Howard University and Texas Southern University Law School. She is a lifelong Democrat and has NEVER voted for a Republican in her life!!

The people of District 146, deserve safe neighborhoods free from crime. Reply YES if you agree. VOTE for a proven LAWMAKER, not a repeated LAWBREAKER!

My wife did receive a text from Ms. Simmons, it follows this sentence.

Hi XXXXXXX, this is Sophie with Lauren Ashley Simmons’ campaign for State Rep in District 146. Rep. Shawn Thierry abandoned Democrats and voted with Greg Abbott to ban books in schools. She’s backed by a pro-Trump, anti-abortion billionaire. We need real Democrats fighting for us in Austin. Can Lauren Ashley Simmons count on your vote for State Representative? Stop to opt out. 

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