Corpus Christi, the stupid City by the Sea.

Corpus City is known or likes to be known as the Sparkling City by the Sea.

How to attract jobs while making your residents go without water for over 600 days, Water Restrictions.

So, I am surprised to read that Corpus Christi’s not-so-smart political class has seen their last available water supply sold from under them to a plant that will turn water into hydrogen power.

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Chemical company Avina Clean Hydrogen Inc. has purchased the last available water supply from the Nueces River of South Texas, raising concerns of regional scarcity as reservoirs dwindle and drought persists.

Avina’s Nueces Green Ammonia plant plans to separate the hydrogen from water, convert it to ammonia and export it as a high-tech fuel alternative to oil and gas. It’s one of several such projects currently proposed in Texas, driven by federal subsidies. Governments and scientists say this technology plays an important role in the transition away from fossil fuels.

But officials in the nearby city of Corpus Christi have warned that the project could threaten water supply for more than 600,000 regional customers.

Over the last decade, Corpus Christi stretched its water supply to its limits, selling vast volumes of Nueces River water to a string of major industrial users, hoping to meet the new demand with several large desalination plants.

But those plants still haven’t materialized. Meanwhile, the new industrial customers have ramped up operations while a multi-year drought bore down. Local residents have been under water-use restrictions for more than 600 days as reservoirs have fallen below one-third full.

Although Corpus Christi holds rights to the vast majority of Nueces River water, it doesn’t hold them all, as it was recently reminded. The only other significant right belongs to the Nueces County Water Improvement and Control District #3, which serves the towns of Calallen and Robstown. It has rights from 1909 that were originally intended to flood crop fields and haven’t been used in decades.

Some small towns saw a way to make a few extra dollars and they did what most Americans would do, make money.

I think that the city leaders in Corpus need to move on getting those desalination plants built, or it may soon become the “Empty City by the Sea.”

I guess it could take as long as the Christ Statute took. click on image for history

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