State Representative 146 voting compared to primary. Shawn Thierry would have us ban the bible from the schools.

The Republicans are desperate to elect Shawn Thierry; I keep getting texts from them to go vote for her. Eight years ago I voted in a Republican primary.

Below are the early voting results for the primary on March 5th.

There were 1,142 early and mail votes for the run-off.

There were 3,042 early votes cast for the run-off.

Some mail ballots can still be out, but they won’t show up until tomorrow.

Who will win? It all depends on who gets their supporters out to vote. I know that if knocking on doors is a game-winner, then Lauren Simmons would win by a mile, at least in my neighborhood.

Shawn Thierry voted to ban books from our schools, if she had bothered to read or if she did read the bill, she would have realized that, as written, the Bible could be banned from the schools.

Click on image below for link.

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