Is John Whitmire using Joaquin Martinez as the conduit to start collecting garbage fees?

Why would the Republican choice for mayor do such a thing? It’s easy: He wants to say the council members voted for it. It wasn’t me, and what better choice than the representative of the low-information Greyhound in our backyard, residents of the Latino Community? District I, which Joaquin Martinez represents, is the most Latino council district.

Why would anyone advocate to charge people more? That is a surefire way of giving your opponent an issue to run on in the next race. I am fairly sure that he may have been promised something.

Some of the poorest people can be found in District I, and a garbage fee will hit them hard. I know these types of people who do respond to such fees; enough of them will find a way not to get charged, i.e., turn in their garbage and recycle cans and proceed to start illegally dumping their trash. People do fight back but they do it differently than how most people would anticipate.

Are there enough votes to pass the amendment? I don’t know. The three newly elected at-large Republicans probably, District B Councilperson, and maybe District H council member. I’m sure Whitmire would strong-arm some other weak council persons.

From the Houston Chronicle

Council Member Joaquin Martinez proposed immediately introducing a garbage fee to support the Solid Waste Management Department, which has struggled for years to collect heavy trash on time due to resource challenges.  Source

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