Why won’t the Republicans lower state taxes?

MAGA people are good at telling local government entities to lower taxes. Do More with less, they say. Well how about they do the same thing, do more with less. Show the local governments how it works.

We pay about twenty cents in state tax (20) cents per gallon of gasoline when we fill our gas tanks. Why not lower that tax by ten cents? Why not Texas has a 38 billion dollar surplus. How about giving some of that money back to us? It is our money why do they need to keep it?

They charge businesses a 4.6 percent tax rate on oil production and a 7.5 percent rate on natural gas production. That is more money that could go into our pockets rather than in their pockets. It is our money. The companies pass on the tax to us working people.

Then we have the sales tax. Texas. Texas imposes a 6.25 percent state sales and use tax on all retail sales, leases and rentals of most goods, as well as taxable services. Why not lower it to 4.25 and let us keep our money? I am sure that I will spend it better on my family than those greedy Republicans will.

Every year, I spend about $200 to register my cars. Why do I have to pay those greedy Republicans to let them know that I have vehicles? At least they should lower the charges every vehicle owner pays. They must learn to do more with less, just like everyone else.

They add fees to many of the things that we pay for. Republicans should practice what they preach and start lowering the amount of taxes that we pay to the state. They, politicians, use our money to reward their contributors who hire them during the year and afterwards when they leave office.

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