Chris Tomlinson – is correct why give the MAGA party their talking points.

The same thoughts crossed my mind as I read about the Democratic Convention.

The most widely distributed photo from the Texas Democratic Party convention showed drag performer Briggite Bandit making a keynote speech about protecting civil liberties and human rights.

Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republicans were jubilant at the opportunity to leverage anti-LGBTQ bigotry and portray liberals as perverts because Briggite was in character. Never mind that she is biologically female and not transgender; her costume makes people assume otherwise. Anyone remember Julie Andrews in the 1982 film Victor/Victoria?

Abbott’s anti-LGBTQ hatemongering is fascistic. Briggite’s politics are courageous. But, the episode helps explain why Texas Democrats have not won a statewide election since 1994.

Abortion rights have long motivated Texas voters, and Democrats promise to roll back the GOP’s near-total ban. Republicans also think they’ve found a rich vein in the bigotry against transgender people.

Democrats have made LGBTQ civil rights a key talking point as Republicans try to jam non-heterosexuals back into the closet. Though a drag performer providing a keynote in business wear might have denied Republicans a talking point.


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