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The previous website had not been updated in nearly three years. In August of 2017 Hurricane Harvey flooded our home. We lost nearly $30,000 of photography equipment. We, also, had a home to restore. My age and now lack of professional photography equipment made me decide that I would not accept any more photography work. During the restoring of our house, I purchased several thousands of dollars of woodworking equipment. Having been and Industrial Arts teacher for 20 years, drafting and woodworking, I decided to put the tools to use. The chairs above and the flags were built by me with help from my family, Shon (Grandson), Gloria (Wife), and Ana (My Step daughter).

I will be putting up some of the photos that I had on the previous website by the same name. I Have been a member of Flickr for years and many of my photos are up on that website.

So in time, not only will I display many of the previous photographs, but also some of the things that we build, grow, or cook. Happy Trails.

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