HISD Board of Managers

When the state asked for people to apply for the board of managers, I thought and decided that as contrarian and opinionated as I am, I had as much chance as a snowball had of surviving in hell. I was right; they were looking for “Yes” people who kowtow to their master, their master being Mike Morath.

From the Observer;

But interviews with and contemporaneous notes from participants in TEA’s April 22-23 board of managers applicants training, as well as an audio recording of the sessions obtained by the Texas Observer, reveal the state plans to limit the board’s role to enforcing high-stakes testing in schools and rubber-stamping financial and operational decisions made by the new superintendent, also to be selected by Morath. 

Translated, teach to the Starr Test, teach to the Starr Test, teach to the Starr Test. Such a one sided teaching method does not help many students that are not good test takers

There is also the fact that people don’t all have the same intellectual ability.

What is the variance of IQ?

An IQ score of 115 means performance one standard deviation above the median, a score of 85 performance, one standard deviation below the median, and so on.

Wechsler Intelligence Scales.

IQ Range (“deviation IQ”)IQ Classification
110–119High Average
80–89Low Average
70–79Very Low

Don’t worry. The Fascist Party aka Republican Party are in full control, and when they fail, they will blame the minority students. But more from the people that applied to and attended the sessions:

When participant Pamela Boveland, a retired director of research and technology at the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, asked Crabill, one of the trainers, if students in vulnerable communities would be provided with more resources to succeed, Crabill seemed to dismiss her question by citing his own upbringing: “As a child who … was in foster care and aged out, I have absolutely no sympathy for the idea that I could not be taught.”…

In what seemed like a 16-hour indoctrination session, TEA’s “Lone Star Governance” program trainers had the 230 applicants who attended repeat self-flagellating mantras about their lack of integrity and lack of concern for student success to get them ready for what they called the “Lone Star Governance mindset.” …

Lindsey Pollock, a former Houston ISD elementary school principal of 13 years and a current professor teaching in Sarasota University’s educational leadership graduate program, who participated in the training sessions, told the Observer: “I spent two days being demeaned by a presenter who had purposeful intentions to mislead and misrepresent the reasons we were all there. … They were only looking for people who were going to be agreeable.” …

But in an apparent dissolution of local oversight, the “Lone Star Governance” creator and trainer A.J. Crabill told potential board members at the training, “The vast majority of the financial decisions, once the board adopts the budget, have already been made by the administration. … Once the board delegates, it’s done.”

Some of you may have noticed that I refer to Republicans as Fascists because I believe we should play by the same rules. If the Fascist party calls Democrats communists, I will call them Fascists.

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