How many Democrats claimed they would not buy from Mattress Mack?

When Mattress Mack was pushing a Republican to defeat Lina Hidalgo for County Judge, how many Democrats swore they would never buy a piece of furniture from him? Well Mattress Mack is selling a candidate for mayor, that candidate is John Whitmire. There is something wrong when one won’t buy furniture from a guy, but will buy the candidate he is selling.

In particular, it was jaw-dropping to see Republican stalwarts Penny and John Butler and Lois and Brad Wright and more in the mix. Whitmire’s Republican host committee chairs, aka the big donors, included Gallery Furniture owner Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, real estate developer Richard Weekley, Fidelis Realty Partners CEO Alan Hassenflu and Houston beer distributor John Nau, represented by Neumann, among others.

Source of above quote, here.

Constable Sylvia Trevino wrote the following about “Mattress I hate Lina Mack”, now she is supporting Mack’s choice for mayor. The quote below if from a Facebook comment.


Mattress Mack and Republicans are using their millions of $ollars to take advantage of families and survivors of homicide victims, as well as victims and survivors of violent crimes by Preying on their Pain and Sorrow and using them for their political advantage.

Mattress Mack, Shame on You! You have made your Millions of $ollars on the backs of hard working Democrat Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics who have loved and respected you. Now you want to play Republican Partisan politics by using those millions of dollars that WE MADE YOU to campaign against our Hispanic and Black Incumbent Democrats. Mattress Mack You have drawn the line: I will never buy another piece of furniture from you again!

These same Republicans have been running Harris County Commissioners Court for decades and for decades they have defunded our Minority Communities and our Minority Constables who happen to be Democrat, all the while making Republican Communities and Republican Constables Rich with Deputies and FAT budgets!

Let’s NOT Go Back! Vote Democrat!

I support and VOTED for Lina Hidalgo for Harris County Judge and Adrian Garcia for Commissioner. Lina Hidalgo and Adrian Garcia are moving our Harris County forward! Thank

I guess that part about not buying another piece of furniture does not include, endorsing

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