One DINO and Five Republicans Vying to Represent US

The photographs are from the Houston Chronicle.

It was a heck of a deal that the DINO worked out with the Republicans; he got in and brought in five Republicanswith him. The more I think about it, Buzbee getting into the District G race was probably part of the plan; a run-off in that district helps Whitmire (Quitmire) and the five Republicans. Quitmire got the overwhelming votes from that district. Quitmire would do Benedict Arnold proud.

John Quitmire did not carry the Latino district by any significant amount; he did well in Republican areas and white areas like the Heights and Meyerland.

John Quitmire is a Democrat in Name Only. Quitmire’s dirty laundry: Here, Here, Here, and Here (I am sure Clarence Thomas doesn’t talk to his wife either). I found those in less than fifteen minutes; what else is there? Here is where stabbed his fellow Democrat Senators in the back.

There were several rumors associated with Whitmire’s 2003 defection, ranging from the political to the salacious, and this time several capitol observers believe politics is driving his decision.  Regardless, his defection led many Democrats to refer to him as a backstabber and in a play off his surname, referred to him as “Quitmire.”

As the Texas Monthly reported at the end of this session, when ranking Senate Democrats as the “Worst”, Senate Democrats had complained to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick about being excluded from budget talks, and he responded by implying he would strip their members of their committee assignments, so the Democrats immediately backed down.

Perhaps Mr. Whitmire is focused on maintaining his leadership position in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, but if the committee moves whatever the Republicans want, there is no measurable effect of him holding the gavel.

Now, because of Mr. Whitmire and other Senate defections, the voting suppression bill has moved through the Senate.  The only tactic Democrats have left to protect Texas voting rights is holding the House Democrats together to prevent the passage of similar legislation in the House.

Orlando Sanchez is a Republican.

Julian Ramirez is a Republican.

Willie Davis is a Republican.

Twila Carter is a Republican.

Rogelio “Roy” Morales is a Republican.

I want to know what all those “White Progressives” and Union People are going to do. Unions are not Democrats; they vote with their pockets, and whoever promises to fill them up? Maybe that is why it did not bother me so much when Ronald Reagan went out to destroy them.

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