Even when not looking, I find Whitmire’s hands in a pie! If Whitmire was Latino?

I was researching Texas prisons as it has been releasing criminals in order to house immigrants that the state finds trespassed on private property.

The article is in Texas Monthly, which has a paywall. I think I know why Whitmire so wanted to stay chair of the Criminal Justice Committee.

A few legislators brazenly applied their lips to the correctional teat—notably Mark Stiles, of Beaumont, who was riding the prison-building wave as a concrete subcontractor, and Senate Criminal Justice Committee chairman John Whitmire, who took a $4,000-per-month gig with the Harris County probation department while the county was vying for a new Mode II prison to be run by the probation department. Source

Houston Chronicle if John Whitmire was a Latino, you would be blasting it on the front pages on a daily basis. Why the double standard?

Darn if I didn’t run into Whitmire again with his ethics being questioned.

Senator Whitmire’s Pension Provocations – Texas Monthly

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