Melanie Miles send me a text (Endorsements)

I don’t know why people think sending me endorsements may influence others, but they don’t mean much to me. She had Adrian Garcia as endorsing her. Whoopee and why would I get excited about it.

When I read about those do nothing elected officials from the East End and Northside start standing up for things that helps the community, especially the Latino community, then maybe it will mean something.

I read, I read a lot. The only person that I saw make the news was Lina Hidalgo who sent a letter to President Biden regarding Texas new immigrant laws.

We have Sylvia Garcia over there.

We have Adrian Garcia over there.

We have Carol Alvarado over there.

We have Ana Hernandez over there.

We have Armando Walle over there.

We have Ana Hernandez over there.

We have Cristina Morales over there.

We have Mary Ann Perez over there.

They are all missing in action; other than getting paid for doing nothing, why don’t they start advocating for their communities? There is no money in that and it could upset the money people that give them money. Can’t have that happening can we?

I expect about sixty percent of the Latino (Spanish surname) voters to return to vote in the run-off. I am optimistic, as usually only half of them return.

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