VOTE MELANIE MILES – The other candidate is an extreme right-wing Republican.

The Chronicle can’t find a Latino this election cycle not to endorse. All of a sudden, we are full of redeeming values. Their latest endorsement is surprising. Their endorsement the first go round was a Latina. But they had the following to say about the person they are now endorsing;

Julian Ramirez, 60, is a prototypical law-and-order candidate, a former Harris County prosecutor who narrowly lost a judicial race last year and carries endorsements from Knox and Harris County Commissioner Tom Ramsey. source

If you care to read how slanted/crooked the Chronicle is, read their new endorsement here.

They both claim that both candidates have support from the police, not true. But Melanie Miles does have the endorsement of the Houston Police and Fire Fighters.

There are other endorsements by certain elected Police Officers; you can go here to find them.

If the Chronicle wants someone that would vote for Police to round up “Mexicans” they couldn’t have picked a better candidate look at his endorsements.

When I researched candidates, I looked at everything, and one thing that caught my eye was Ramirez’s religious affiliation. It usually does not matter to me unless it is a religion that supports Trump or holds extreme positions on subjects that I consider important. Ramirez’s faith is the most Republican (Trump) in our country, in my opinion.

I wonder if the Chronicle asked about how he felt about homosexuals. I once interviewed with the Chronicle, and they asked me. I bring that up because his religion, up until recently, would not baptize the children of homosexuals, and they still consider homosexuality a sin.


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