No November surprises thus far

Whoever is going to win the city elections will win; it is almost too late to change an outcome, as most people coming back out to vote know who they are voting for.

Maybe there is something that Richard Cantu did that is not reflected on his website, but it looks like he did not reach out to the Black Community. No one group can win without a coalition.

March Primaries

In my neck of the woods, I will be looking at the Constable Pct 5 race, as there are at least three Democrats running to defeat Republican Ted Heap.

Someone is also running against the State Representative who represents us. I was wondering why I had received a message from my state representative after many years of missing in action. We were used to Boris Miles as our state representative, as he almost always had someone at our civic club meetings. The person who is challenging Shawn Thierry is Lauren Simmons.

What did Shawn Thierry do to upset some people? She did vote with the Republicans on several issues that affected HISD. According to this article, Thierry will have several people opposing her in the primary.


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