Is Driving while Mexican, soon coming to Houston, courtesy of John Whitmire and the Mexican Vendidos.

Expect that the DPS officers that John Whitmire would bring to Houston will soon be patrolling and stopping Mexican looking people to question their citizenship if he is elected Mayor. He has to give red meat to his Republicans supporters to keep them happy.

It already happens at the border, where many residents feel that they are living in a police state. I vote that they place the DPS troopers over thereon the northside where Armando Walle and Sylvia Garcia are elected officials. Maybe Walle will be stopped while transporting one of his undocumented relatives that he alluded to?

“It seemed just about everyone I met had a DPS story to tell. “The question I get from everyone around town is ‘when do they leave?’” confided a police officer in Starr County, who was not authorized to speak to the media. …

Garrett, whose current research focuses on border security, argues that these large-scale law enforcement operations spread fear among locals by flooding their communities with cops. “Harassment is normalized, even though it wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else, but this is the experience here, where we basically have a police state,” Garrett said. For many residents the spectacle has become a familiar inconvenience, something to endure. For others—undocumented immigrants, mixed-status families—it has become a constant source of anxiety. A broken taillight could mean deportation.” Source it is behind a pay wall, Texas Monthly.

The DPS Officers are what the Storm Troopers are to the Empire.

Univision and SB4

The Democratic Party and the SJL campaign if money and time allows should be using to hammer Whitmire and the Republicans he works with. Univision is posting warning and advising people often during the news.

The video captions below can be set to translate to English if they are they still need to be set so.

Nine out of Ten persons are arrested are Black or Latino by DPS troopers in Austin.

Storm troopers the empire

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