Evil, Pure Evil, referring to Kim Ogg

That is how one of the persons that spoke in favor of censoring Kim Ogg referred to Ms. Ogg.

The Houston Chronicle chose to downplay how the vast majority of elected precinct chairs felt about Ms. Ogg.

While it is true that the people that could vote, narrowly passed the resolution the feeling of the large number of precinct chairs was not close to agreeing with those that voted in favor of moving the resolution to censure Kim Ogg forward.

Many if not the majority of those people speaking for Ms. Ogg either worked for her or were being paid.

I have my reasons for favoring the censoring of Ms. Ogg. It was her conscious decision to attack the Democratic elected Judge, Lina Hidalgo. Ms. Ogg chose the time to start criticizing the county judge. She chose it when Judge Hidalgo was viciously being attacked by the Trump cultists.

From Texas Monthly, the article is worth reading on its entirety.

Hidalgo, panting from exertion, answered the call. District Attorney Kim Ogg, a fellow Democrat who, like Hidalgo, had come to power as the Harris County electorate turned blue, greeted her on the line. Ogg, who declined a request for an interview, had rung her to continue to press the incoming county judge to make a particular political appointment to an executive assistant position, Hidalgo said in an interview with Texas Monthly. Hidalgo said she ended the call quickly and she wasn’t interested. “It’s pretty obvious when someone is trying to handle you,” Hidalgo told me. “I wanted to make these decisions based on my own judgment.” Source

It seems that this feud had been going on for years, and it got worse when Lina Hidalgo was running for re-election. According to the article in Texas Monthly, Ogg started paying attention to the two Republicans on the Commissioner’s Court.

A person familiar with Ogg’s thinking at the time, who asked not to be identified in order to discuss sensitive internal matters, said Ogg backed off some of her early positions because she was “getting a lot of pressure” from the court’s two Republican members, Jack Cagle and Steve Radack, to shift to a more tough-on-crime approach. (Radack did not seek reelection in 2020; his seat is now held by Republican Tom Ramsey.) During a commissioners’ court meeting in June 2019, Radack told Hidalgo she was “weak on crime. You’re weak when it comes to law and order.” Possibly sensing shifting views from voters, “Kim became very protective and started pulling away” from reform initiatives, the source said.

It is all about money, Gregg Abbott, Crime Stoppers, and Kim Ogg

In 2017, the year the first loan payments came due, Abbott awarded the nonprofit a $4 million grant from a criminal-justice fund overseen by his office, according to state records. It made up 70% of Crime Stoppers’ total revenue for the year, according to the group’s IRS filings.

Despite the size of that grant, the governor’s office did not issue a news release about it, a spokeswoman said. Crime Stoppers’ annual report that year listed only one monetary donation over $1 million. The donor was “anonymous,” a designation which the governor’s office said it did not seek for its grant. Crime Stoppers said it did not try “to hide the gift.” A spokeswoman for Abbott said he supported the grant because he and Crime Stoppers share “the same commitment to prioritizing public safety.”

Texas’ education agency later paid $2 million to Crime Stoppers after a 2018 recommendation from Abbott, who suggested that the Houston organization expand its school safety program.

Including Abbott’s grant and the education agency’s funding, the state supplied about 43% of the nonprofit’s revenue from 2017 to 2020 — up from less than 1% in the previous four years, records show.

Crime Stoppers said it was “absolutely absurd” to suggest that the state grants had influenced its public support for Abbott and his policies. Source

Being a suspicious type of person, I would think that Crime Stoppers is in the pocket of the MAGA people and, to a smaller degree, Kim Ogg. But I could be wrong.

I don’t think that someone that appears to be in the pocket of the Trump lovers should be representing Democrats. In case one doubts that Abbott is not a Trump lover.

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