Whitmire will remove Blacks and replace with Latinos and Asians

One could certainly infer that from the article in the Houston Chronicle.

In a FOX 26 debate Monday, Whitmire criticized the demographic composition of the Turner administration’s top leaders and said they didn’t represent Houston’s diversity. 

“Look at the department heads,” Whitmire said in the debate. “Pull them up. Google them. Look at who’s running the city of Houston. It’s not the Asian community. The Hispanic community is severely underrepresented. So let’s practice what we’re so proud of.”

Of the city’s 41 past and current department heads appointed by Turner, 18 are Black (44%) and 16 are white (39%), according to data provided by the Mayor’s Office. Five are Hispanic (12%) and two are Asian (5%).

In comparison, Houston’s overall population is 23% Black, 24% white, 45% Hispanic and 7% Asian, the latest U.S. Census data shows.

I certainly think that Whitmire is sending dog whistles to Latinos and Asians that if they come out and vote for him, he will have more diversity at City Hall. I wonder if that will extend to the minority contracts in most major agreements with the city. Will there be more Latino and Asian sub-contractors?

My only question to Whitmire is: You have been in office for fifty years (50) and are now noticing that about City Hall? How about when your sister-in-law was mayor? Annise Parker did bring in more people like her. So did Bill White; most of those expert czars had the same shade of skin color as he did.

Latinos just get shafted while their elected leaders are asleep or mentally deficient. How does one not know that the Greyhound Bus Station is moving to their side of the woods? What did elected official that represents that area have to say?

Greyhound moving to Latino Community, elected officials asleep for nearly a year.

Houston City Councilmember Robert Gallegos, who represents District I where the new station will open, told ABC 13’s Pearson he didn’t have a clue about the major operational change until he got a text Tuesday evening. “A community member brought this to my attention via text. I was not aware of it. I’m very surprised Greyhound did not reach out to the council member,” Gallegos, said, per Pearson. “It’s easy to get ahold of me. I’m really shocked and therefore don’t have any information,” he continued.  Source

Sometimes, I think that the people who run this city look for the Latino with no huevos to push and get elected—strictly an opinion.

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