Is the Chronicle doing it on purpose? Throwing a red meat to the MAGA folks.

Or do they not think about consequences, like one follows two? I am referring to the following headline on their online edition for numerous days.

Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus calls out District H Cynthia Reyes-Revilla campaign mailer.

Red meat for the MAGA people while I doubt that there sufficient number of them in District H, there are quite a few of them that reside in the City of Houston. So is the Chronicle doing it on purpose to bring more MAGA people to help John Whitmire or they just not able to think about how people react.

If the Houston Chronicle was truly interested in the Gay Community, they would maybe write a little more about the present Speaker of the House.

While Johnson may have been speaking derisively of Congress, a review of the new speaker’s old clients reveals just how rocky some of those corners were in his legal career.

Johnson’s ardent religious beliefs and Christian nationalist ideology brought him to serve, often for free, clients affiliated with some of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ groups in the country—including agitators connected to militant movements with a penchant for violent expression. Source

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