Police are solving less crimes.

The Republicans here in Texas has made it harder with the hard immigration laws that they just passed.

How many persons not here legally would call the police to report a crime or to call them as a witness to a crime? Very few; why risk deportation to help someone one does not know?

It is not just persons here illegally; Americans as a whole are less likely to help the police, as they have lost confidence in them.

In 2022, police departments, on average, solved only 37 percent of violent crimes, just over half of all murders and non-negligent manslaughters, and only 12 percent of property crimes.

The exact causes of the decline in arrests are difficult to pinpoint, but the timing is clearly tied to the summer of 2020, suggesting that changes in policing and America’s dwindling confidence in law enforcement since the killing of George Floyd played a role.

Sentencing and judicial reform tend to make up the bulk of our policy responses to crime and policing, but this new data suggests that increasing the share of crimes that are solved — especially violent crimes — should be a major focus of policymakers nationwide.

Studies of crime and punishment have shown that a police force’s ability to solve crimes is more effective in deterring future crimes than the severity of punishment. Source

Whether Whitmire if he wins, brings in DPS troopers or take the Metro Cops and use them as HPD. The lack of confidence in police will have a detrimental effect on crime solving. Cavet, placing them in minority neighborhoods could give the appear of lower crimes.

Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg consistently credited his administration’s controversial stop-and-frisk program as essential to cutting crime, but declines in felonies both before and after his expansion of the program indicate no consistent correlation between the two.

A Washington Post analysis of crime patterns and other academic research found that major felonies declined during Bloomberg’s three terms from 2002 through 2013, but the reduction did not correspond to the increase in stops by police.

Crime has continued to fall since a federal judge deemed the practice an unconstitutional violation of civil rights in 2013. The disconnect suggests that an increase or decrease in crime happened largely for reasons independent of the aggressive expansion of the policy. Source

I would be happy if HPD the Constables, Metro Police, and HISD Police would drive through the neighborhoods when they don’t have anything else to do. Which may be quite often based on the reports that they write.

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