Meme’s thought on immigration – Trump won’t be the nominee.

Back in October, I posted a video concerning immigration as I kept seeing progressive Democrats advocating for immigration. That is not a winning issue for Democrats here in Texas; it is also starting to turn in California. Here in Houston, County Commissioner Adrian Garcia, when sheriff, was helping ICE deport more people than any other sheriff in the United States. The “Mexicans” in the East End and North Side did not have second thoughts about voting him in as Commissioner.

Unless you want to see Donald Trump back in the White House, support our president, Joe Biden. Biden has been an excellent president; he turned the mess that Trump and the Republicans created around.

I don’t worry if Trump gets re-elected because I am nowhere near the top of the people that the Republicans and Trump will be aiming at. I am too much like the people who voted for him. My wife was concerned and I told her we would be fine and probably do well under his administration. We did. But Trump is not good for this country and for its youth.

Immigration, because of how the Republicans played their act, will not be as big of an issue as they wanted it because one only has to point the finger at them and say you had a chance to do something, and you refused. For a while, it will be Biden’s age and gaffs. He is too old and too senile the Republicans will claim. However, I expect Trump to have a nervous breakdown or something. Why? Too many Republicans are acting like the nominee for the Republicans is not written in stone.

Below is the video that I posted back in October. I started writing about immigration in May last year when I started this blog.

A No Mexican sign could be found at East Wood Park not to long ago.

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