Controller Chris Hollins calls Alex Mealer, “a low-level Twitter troll.

Democrats need more fighters like Chris Hollins, Christian D. Menefee, and Edward Pollard. Notice no Latino/Latinas on the list because the only one that comes close is Lina Hidalgo, but she ain’t there yet.

Why is a MAGA cultist (Mealer) defending a “Democratic” mayor? Because he is in the pocket of the Republicans my opinion.

“Funny that even after an election, former Mayor Turner or the “Mayor Emeritus” and his proxy @CGHollins continue to find new ways to slight first responders and taxpayers. Delay, delay, delay. Current count is over 8 years – looks like the Controller is trying to extend the run,” Mealer wrote on X.

But Hollins wasn’t backing down and quickly confronted Mealer with the same energy.  

“Funny that after my election, I am now the taxpayer watchdog of the City of Houston and take my job seriously. After your election, you lost and are now a low-level Twitter troll,” Hollins responded. 


Not only did Mealer lose, but she is one of those whiny MAGA cultists who immediately sued, claiming that the election was tainted.

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