Democrats must maintain the Presidency and the Senate, and win Congress. Stop the Supreme Court Corruption.

If the above can be accomplished, the first order of business is to take action against the most corrupt Supreme Court in the History of the United States.


The Supreme Court has run out of excuses.

Earlier this month, after ProPublica revealed that Justice Clarence Thomas frequently takes lavish vacations funded by billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow, Thomas attempted to defend himself by claiming that this sort of “personal hospitality from close personal friends” is fine because Crow “did not have business before the court.”

As it turns out, that’s not true. As Bloomberg reports, the Supreme Court — including Justice Thomas — did briefly consider a $25 million copyright dispute involving a company that Crow was a partial owner of in 2005. At that point, Crow had already given a number of gifts to Thomas, including a $19,000 Bible that once belonged to Frederick Douglass.

As ProPublica later revealed, Crow even paid for the private school education of Thomas’s grandnephew, who Thomas said he is raising “as a son.” That includes tuition at a boarding school that charged more than $6,000 a month.



Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has been infuriating his critics for years. He has gone on undisclosed luxury vacations with conservative donors who have business before the court. He appears to have leaked the result of a major case to conservative activists before the decision was announced. And that doesn’t even get into his jurisprudence, including the opinion that threw out Roe v. Wade.

But the revelations over the last two weeks from The New York Times concerning the political flags flown at Alito’s homes — an upside-down American flag in the days after Jan. 6, 2021, and an “Appeal to Heaven” flag in the summer of 2023 — have pushed Alito’s behavior into an entirely different realm, one that raises serious questions about Alito’s partisanship, his ethics and the integrity of the court.



In US politics, “dark money” refers to spending meant to influence political outcomes where the source of the money is not disclosed. We know of $17m in dark money spent to block the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland and to support Neil Gorsuch. Another $17m to prop up Brett Kavanaugh. An estimated $22m on promoting Amy Coney Barrett. She was asked about it during her confirmation hearing. She said, “I am unaware of any outside groups or special interests having made donations on my behalf.”

If someone spent $22m to get you a posh job, would you notice?

In 2021, Americans for Prosperity brought a suit against a California law that required them to reveal some of their donors. The non-profit was a creation of the Koch brothers and they had run a “full-scale” – their expression – campaign for Barrett. They’d previously supported Kavanaugh and Gorsuch.


More on the corruption, mostly the MAGA cultists.

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