White Man Privilege

If a person of color had been caught with his hands in the cookie jar as often as John Whitmire, the Houston media would be making sure that people knew.

One could think it was the night before Christmas, as not even a mouse could be heard throughout Houston.

They should be telling the voters about all those incidents with the cookies. But a recording from fourteen years ago gets blasted by all the media. But then the person on the recording is a person of color. The media did the same thing to Mayor Turner when he ran against Bob Lanier.

If those that believe that we come back, then I want to be a white man so I can know what it feels like. Then God could be cruel and place in a place where the white man is in the minority without power.

Here are links to posts about those hands in the cookie jar.





I could go on, but I will be honest: white people don’t care if Whitmire may be corrupt; they only seem to care when a person of color may be corrupt.

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