Latinos ask for Whitmire’s apology regarding his racist statement about Latinos.

Since the ballless Latino elected officials keep quiet about the racist statement that Whitmire has uttered, community activists have stepped up to ask for an apology. The only person who had the courage to stand up was the District J councilman, Edward Pollard. Commissioner Briones must be to busy dancing with Whitmire or basking in his attention to her.

A coalition of community groups is asking Houston Mayor John Whitmire to apologize for comments he made last month regarding the immigrant community in the city’s Gulfton neighborhood.

Twenty-eight community activists from different organizations, including those who represent undocumented immigrants, signed the letter that says Whitmire’s comments last month about rapid transit in Gulfton “reveal a shocking level of ignorance and prejudice.”

“I don’t think what the mayor has to say about immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, is reflective of our values as Houstonians,” Jasmine Khadem Gonzalez said. “And so, what do you want to see happen? I want to see the mayor do better.”

The comments surrounding efforts to improve the city’s public transportation also drew criticism from City Council Member Edward Pollard last month. The mayor addressed his concerns, but it apparently was not enough for those who wrote and signed the open letter.


Whitmire cuts program that help minority students

Whitmire continues to show his MAGA tendencies by going after the weakest in our communities. With the firefighters, he just rolled over and yelled I give up.

Program helping Houston students find summer work has scaled back under new administration. Source

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